VIDEO: Learn The Art of Instrumental Arranging
and why you need it in your life
Learning how to play instrumental arrangements and specifically chord solos has changed the way I played my favorite songs...
Hey, Neil here. 

Like I mentioned in the video above, I have never been a fan of singing, it’s just not my forte. 

When I used to play for my friends they would always ask me to play their favorite songs, and I would be happy to oblige, but the problem was that they wouldn’t always recognize them. 

I knew I was playing the song correctly, but without the melody or lyrics, some songs can be hard to identify, after all it’s the combination of harmony, the chords, melody, and the rhythm that make up the components of a complete song.

How did I solve this problem?

I learned to create my own chord solos, also known as instrumental arrangements.

So, what exactly is a chord solo?

A Chord Solo is an instrumental arrangement of a song that incorporates the chord progression, the melody, the rhythm, and wraps them up into something playable by a solo guitarist. 

They also make great instrumental sections to a song you are singing, much like the original recording might include a lead break. 

Learning to play instrumental arrangements goes well beyond just getting your friends to recognize the tune you're playing, it provides a set of skills that opens up a world of possibilities for creating your own chord solos.

How will I learn to create my own chord solo's you ask?

As with most of my lessons, I like to use songs that incorporate the techniques you'll need in order to achieve the end result, in this case creating your own instrumental arrangements. 
Finally... Learn to create your own Instrumental Arrangements.
Grandfathers Clock is one of my favorite lessons to teach, it incorporates fingerpicking techniques and is an excellent introduction to instrumental arranging. 

Grab your guitar and follow along with this lesson below.
Of course there’s much more to it.

And that brings me to I’m writing to you today. 

The Guitarists Guide To Instrumental Arrangements
~Chord Solos~
Within this set you'll learn more about my reason for learning the art of instrumental guitar, which really branches from having been captivated by fingerpicking, blues and classical arrangements at a young age. 

As well as being influenced by instrumental guitarists like John Renbourn, John Fahey, and Mason Williams, to name a few.

You'll learn the basic components and techniques that are used within instrumental arrangements, we'll expand on Grandfathers Clock, and we'll use the song Greensleeves to expand upon the concepts of chord solo arrangements.

1 Disc, 2+ Hours Of Content
The Guitarists Guide to Instrumental Arranging is exactly what you need to enter this fascinating world of instrumental guitar. 

Introduction to Instrumental Arranging, Overview of Components & Techniques 
Strumming & Fingerpicking Techniques to Incorporate in Chord Solos Arrangements 
→ Complete Lesson on Greensleeves & Grandfathers Clock 
And So Much More!
Here’s What You’ll Find in this collection: 1 Disc, 2+ Hours Of Content

What You'll Learn: I'll start you off on the basics, going over the techniques you need to know in order to build a successful foundation in instrumental arranging. 

Once you have a solid foundation I'll take you through a couple popular folk melodies that are relatively easy to start off with and improvise on. 

How I Will Teach You: Using songs like Grandfather's Clock and Greensleeves as a foundation, I'll walk you through the components of what truly makes and instrumental guitar piece and show you ways to improvise in order to make these popular songs your own. 


This set includes a special bonus lesson on an instrumental arrangement of Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones, you'll learn to play it just like I did in this clip...

Either The Guitarists Guide To Instrumental Arranging
 Works For You
Or You Shouldn’t Have to Pay For It.
I believe in the power of the lessons in this DVD Set so much that if after using it for 30 days you aren’t a believer, or seeing progress in your the way you want to, simply return the DVD set. 
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1 disc, 2+ hours of content